Rick Gentry

Discovering the Captivating Cruise Ports of Alaska; An Expedition, into the Untamed Frontier



Alaska famously called “The Frontier ” is a land of awe inspiring beauty, untamed wilderness and extraordinary wildlife. One of the ways to truly immerse yourself in the splendor of this expansive state is by embarking on a cruise granting travelers the opportunity to explore its pristine waters and coastal marvels. In this article we will take you on a voyage through Alaskas cruise ports each with its unique allure and serving as a gateway to the wonders of this remarkable region.

Seattle, Washington; The Gateway to Northern Adventures

Your escapade often commences in Seattle, Washington. A city nestled along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Serving as an embarkation point Seattle offers a blend of cosmopolitan charm and natural grandeur. Before setting sail on your journey take time to discover landmarks such as the Space Needle or immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Pike Place Market. A leisurely stroll, along the waterfront is also highly recommended.

Ketchikan; The First City of Alaska

As your ship gracefully glides into Ketchikan affectionately known as “Alaskas First City ” you’ll be greeted by a panorama featuring totem poles standing tall amidst lush evergreen forests.

When you take a walk along Creek Street a boardwalk built on stilts, along Ketchikan Creek you get a fascinating glimpse into the citys vibrant cultural heritage and economic history. Make sure not to miss the chance to explore the Tongass National Forest, which happens to be the forest in the United States.

Juneau; An Adventure in Alaskas Capital City

As Alaskas capital city Juneau is truly one of a kind offering a blend of history thrilling escapades and breathtaking landscapes. Nestled amidst towering mountains and bordered by the Gastineau Channel Juneau can only be accessed by air or water adding to its allure as a destination. Whether you’re visiting the awe inspiring Mendenhall Glacier or taking a tram ride up Mount Roberts for views that will leave you speechless or even uncovering the gold rush history at the Last Chance Mining Museum – Juneau has something exceptional to offer.

Skagway; A Journey Back in Time

Skagway is a town that effortlessly transports visitors back to the exhilarating era of the Klondike Gold Rush. As you stroll along Broadway Streets boardwalks adorned with preserved buildings echoing its frontier past you can’t help but feel immersed in history. The White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad stands as an engineering marvel. Allows for a scenic journey, through breathtaking landscapes. With its captivating legacy and unparalleled natural beauty Skagway is undoubtedly a port of call that should not be missed on any cruise.

Icy Strait Point; Natures Playground

Icy Strait Point situated on Chichagof Island is renowned for its commitment, to preserving the environment and showcasing the beauty of Alaska. This port serves as a starting point for wildlife enthusiasts offering opportunities to observe humpback whales, magnificent bald eagles and awe inspiring bears. Adventure seekers can indulge in thrilling activities like ziplining, hiking or immersing themselves in the Tlingit culture at the Huna Tribal House.

Sitka; Where History Meets Wilderness

Sitka is a captivating town where history and nature seamlessly blend together. Its unique charm stems from a fusion of Tlingit influences. The iconic onion domed St. Michaels Cathedral and the Russian Bishops House serve as reminders of Sitkas rich Russian colonial past. Meanwhile the lush landscapes and diverse wildlife create a haven for enthusiasts. Explore attractions like the Alaska Raptor Center. Embark on a sea kayaking adventure to fully embrace Sitkas natural wonders.

Hubbard Glacier; Majestic Frozen Splendor

Although not traditionally included as a port of call cruising through waters to reach Hubbard Glacier is an anticipated highlight of many Alaskan itineraries. Witnessing this spectacle—a mighty glacier calving, with towering ice walls dramatically collapsing into the sea—is truly an awe inspiring experience.

The Hubbard Glacier stands out as the tidewater glacier, in North America captivating passengers with its size and breathtaking beauty.

Glacier Bay National Park; A Symphony of Ice and Nature

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay National Park remains a wilderness blessed with glaciers, fjords and a rich variety of wildlife. Knowledgeable park rangers often come aboard cruise ships to provide commentary while passengers witness the unfolding drama of these landscapes. The park serves as a sanctuary for creatures like seals, sea lions and humpback whales. The tranquil beauty of Glacier Bay serves as a reminder of our duty to preserve these wonders for generations to come.

An Alaskan cruise offers more than a vacation; it presents an opportunity for a journey into a land brimming with breathtaking landscapes and untamed magnificence. From the cityscape of Seattle to the realms of the Hubbard Glacier, each port along the way showcases a distinct facet of Alaskas diverse character. Whether you have an appreciation for history love for nature. Seek thrilling adventures Alaskas cruise ports beckon you into an expedition, into “The Last Frontier.”As you step off the cruise ship you bring back more, than memories of views. You also have an admiration, for the unspoiled wilderness that characterizes this part of the globe.