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High Stakes On High Seas: Sweepstakes Casino Insights



Gambling is a fun hobby with a potentially lucrative after effect.  The advances in technology have made this a lot more fun and innovative, fully immersing a player in the games.  Online gaming has taken accessibility to a whole new level.  Whether from your phone or your computer, you can enjoy the benefits anywhere and anyplace, internet accessibility and relevant legislation permits.

Taking your hobby on your holiday is a nifty treat.  If that hobby involves the ocean and a luxurious cruise ship, why not?  Let’s explore the structure of maritime gambling and how it effects users.

Setting Sail: Evolution of Maritime Gambling

Back in the day before air travel became so prominent, ocean travel was a regular occurrence.  This was an extensive task to complete and could take anything from a few weeks to a few months to complete, depending on where you intended to go.  Confined to a ship, most travelers took up gambling to wail away the hours.  Poker, blackjack, roulette, and the like were preferred games.  Remember, this was way before technological advances, so everything was done old school.

This trend is still prevalent, just with a bit more bells and whistles.  It’s only on Disney Cruise Liners and expedition ships that you won’t be afforded these luxuries.

Explore the latest trends in maritime gambling!

Previously, cruise ship-based casinos were just a duplicate version of a standard land-based casino.  They were just one of the additional entertainment features offered by the ship.  An emerging trend these days is for them to evolve on a much similar level as other gaming houses, which includes various technological developments.

With the incorporation of technology, a modern twist was brought to more traditional games.  Offering players, a chance to gain a completely new experience.  Thus, a bit of old school charm combined with versatility and convenience.

Navigating Legal Waters Examine the complex regulatory framework

Gambling laws and regulations are quite complex.  Differing from country to country, and, in the case of the US, per state.  Maritime regulations state that the laws of the country apply under which flag the ship sails.  E.g. if the ship sails under the US flag, the gambling laws applicable to that country apply.

If the ship docks a certain distance from the coastline, that specific country regulation applies.  In most instances cruise ships will close the casino for the duration that the ship is docked in port, thereby preventing contravening any country regulation.

All Aboard: The Passenger Experience

The gaming experience on a cruise ship is ever so slightly different than the other counterparts.  For one, the operating hours are something else.  Most of these facilities are closed during the day as well as whilst the ship is docked in port.  When out at sea, they start to operate as the sun goes down.

Poker, table games and selected dealer games are available, but also dependable on the type of cruise liner you are on.  All of this information will probably be available on the company website or in the relevant brochures.

Casting Nets: Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a very important part of any business.  Maritime casinos have an added advantage in that they are basically based on a floating holiday resort, so to speak.  The whole dynamic of this environment lends to various marketing initiatives.  Offering promotional items such as perhaps free casino credit with the purchase of an in-house show ticket can draw quite a bit of attention.

Depending on your target market, providing discount vouchers to example a health spa on the ship can attract various female guests.  A good rule of thumb would be to sass out what type of potential client base is envisioned for the upcoming cruise and then adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

Choppy Waters: Challenges and Solutions

As stated above, the regulatory framework is quite clear on how gaming on the high seas operates.  But there are some murky areas that are a bit less cut and dry.  Country regulations clearly state what age limitations are with regards to this.  If dedicated by country law, then this should be a straightforward situation.

A lot of these casinos do adapt their regulations on this slightly.  Some do allow a person from 18 years onwards to gamble but might require that person to be accompanied by someone of 21 years or older.

Taxation on winnings is another technicality.  This usually depends on whether the casino operator taxes their winnings or not and whether the amount won is deemed high enough to report by the operator.

If you experience problems with a casino on a cruise ship, it might take a bit of time for the matter to be resolved.  You cannot go to the operator’s offices to get the issue sorted.  The option does exist to discuss the matter with the casino manager and, if not resolved, tend to it as soon as you reach your destination.

Future Horizons: Emerging Possibilities

There is scope for future developments and even possibly sweepstakes casino real money advances in this gaming environment.  Just the technological possibilities are endless.  Think of something such as AR (Augmented Reality).  Here one might be able to combine the reality of the ship layout with the virtual reality features of the game itself, completely immersing a gamer into a whole new world.

Conclusion: Anchoring the Discussion

When scheduling your holiday, do remember to include your favourite hobbies.  If these include gaming, take note to familiarize yourself with the setup.  Read the terms and conditions as well as regulatory requirements of the country under whose auspice they will operate.

Preferentially, book your trip on a cruise liner with more sea fairing days than those mostly docked portside if gaming is your aim.  As we read above, the pleasures of this sport travel further than any country’s borders.

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